Stamford Dollars for Scholars has helped numerous companies, organizations and individuals set up Sponsored Scholarships to support local graduates.

The reasons for doing so can vary - from memorializing a friend or loved one or simply letting parents, students and the community know that you or your organization have a strong commitment to the Stamford community.

Stamford Dollars for Scholars makes creating a scholarship easy.  Let us know the purpose of the scholarship and the amount you want to award. We will administer the funds and select a candidate who meets the eligibility requirements you set up.  Your scholarship award will be promoted on our website, social media, at our events, and to the parents and students throughout Stamford for a period as long as 18 months.  We invite you to attend our awards ceremony to present the award to the recipient yourself at our annual awards ceremony in June. 

Donor restricted Sponsored Scholarship Awards require a minimum of $1000 deposited with Stamford Dollars for Scholars. A scholarship will be awarded in the following year.  The donation can exceed the award amount resulting in a balance that can be applied in subsequent years to new recipients. Additional gifts of any amount may be added to the gift balance at any time.

If you have any questions, you may contact:

Mike McNamara
Stamford Dollars for Scholars
P.O. Box 3559
Stamford, CT  06905