What are the scholarship requirements? - Each scholarship has a description of its specific requirements and award criteria.  Applicants may apply for any award for which they meet the criteria and are eligible.

Who is Eligible - Any graduating senior who lives or goes to high school in Stamford is eligible to participate in the Stamford Dollars for Scholars® program.  Awards are for full-time students at an accredited 2 or 4-year college/university or those registered full-time in a vocational or technical training program.  Award criteria are based on a combination of need, academic record and the demonstrated ability to succeed and complete their chosen post-high school education.  

How to Apply - Students must complete a single, online application by the stated deadline and meet all subsequent deadlines.  In doing so, students become eligible for the many local awards offered by Stamford Dollars for Scholars and may apply for awards offered nationally by Scholarship America®. 

How are scholarship recipients selected? -  The Awards Committee reviews anonymous information about each applicant and scores applications according to a standard set of guidelines. In selecting scholarship recipients, we are not aware of the student's name, gender or high school.  Each application is numbered for complete anonymity.

Once selected, awards recipients are notified in early May and invited to an awards ceremony along with their families in the spring before graduation.