Stamford Dollars for Scholars fills a void in our community by providing scholarship assistance to high school graduates who live or attend high school in Stamford, and who want to pursue education beyond high school. We share a passionate belief that education changes the lives of individuals and communities for the better.

We were conceived around a simple idea: together we can step in and help local students achieve their educational goals. There's no greater gift we can give our student neighbors-in-need than access to the tools to create a brighter future. Doing so tells them that we take pride in their determination and share their dreams.


Stamford Dollars for Scholars announces the online availability of its 2015 scholarship application beginning January 15th. The organization provides scholarships for students who live in or attend high school in Stamford and are pursuing full-time, either a two- or four-year college education or accredited vocational training. 

Students completing the 2015 online application have the opportunity to apply for any Stamford Dollars for Scholars scholarships for which they meet the criteria. Additionally, as Stamford Dollars for Scholars is an affiliate of Scholarship America, applicants automatically gain access to Scholarship America's valuable resources and can search other relevant scholarships opportunities.

To learn more about the 2015 scholarships available through Stamford Dollars for Scholars or to complete the 2015 online application on or after January 15th, visit the Stamford Dollars for Scholars Student and Parent Login page on our website.  Online applications will remain available through April 11, 2015. 

Stamford Dollars for Scholars is participating in Fairfield County's Giving Day on March 5 - and we need your support!  Hosted by Fairfield County's Community Foundation, Giving Day is a 24-hour online event to Give Where You Live and celebrate the work of local nonprofits including Stamford Dollars for Scholars.

Our goal is to raise enough to provide a new scholarship exclusively funded from Giving Day!  Your donation will help us reach this goal! (The minimum gift allowed is $10.).

You can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter to stay in the loop as Giving Day draws near.



There are many ways to support Stamford Dollars for Scholars - volunteer your time, make a donation, create a scholarship for you company, organization or loved one.

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To learn more about Stamford Dollars for Scholars and how you can participate as a donor, a volunteer, or a potential award recipient, contact us at

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 3559 Stamford, CT 06905.